How to use VidFox daily to get Free leads and video engagement data for Vimeo & YouTube.


One Tool For All Your Video Channels

Landing Pages

Embed your product, campaign, how to, and branding videos across your website and landing pages.

Connect the data across your digital properties.

Know which leads are engaged.

Know which videos are working

Split test videos.


Share video links with community members, customers, leads, prospects and team members.

Place smart links in templates to easily capture email addresses.

Generate more leads by using your favorite email automation and sales enablement tools at no additional cost.

Place a call to action in your sales cadences.

Connect the data between emailed videos and embedded videos.

Social Sharing.

Engage your online community.

Share videos via Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter.

Analyze video effectiveness across social channels.

Identify engaged viewers across social channels.


Share high volumes of video content at no additional cost.

Quantify the impact of thought leadership.

Improve SEO.

Test multiple messages and compare results.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with VidFox

Convert Vimeo Or YouTube Link

No need to set up an account, just get started.

Share Via, Social, Email Or Website

Share videos using social links, email templates and embed codes.

Capture Leads & Evaluate Engagement

Get leads and video engagement analytics via email, Slack or Google Analytics.