Learn how VidFox easily delivers leads and video engagement data for Vimeo & YouTube videos.


Product Features

Google Video Analytics

Add your YouTube and Vimeo data to Google Analytics with one click.

Aggregate video heatmaps built to improve your videos.

Generate more Google Video Analytics data than ever before.

Delivered via:

  • Email.
  • Slack.
  • Google Analytics.

By adding your Vimeo or YouTube video to VidFox and connecting your Google Analytics Universal ID you will be able to analyze all of our video data without the need for another dashboard.

Sales & Marketing Leads

VidFox email links work with your sales enablement and marketing automation tools to deliver a call to action and capture email addresses of leads and target prospects.

Email gateways are built in to capture email addresses of interested viewers.

HTML snippets allow you to use the same videos across all channels.(Web, email, social, blog, etc.).

VidFox ranks leads based on engagement across all videos, touchpoints, numbers of views, etc. Add VidFox rankings to improve your marketing or sales lead score.

  • Email.
  • Slack.
  • Lead Dashboard.

VidFox is the only video tracking tool built to generate leads. Email forms are built into every video. When using VidFox links in email templates leads are automatically pulled from mailmerge fields. This allows sales and marketing teams to use VidFox with almost every sales and marketing enablement tool without additional integrations.

Setup Is Fast & Easy

Convert your Vimeo & YouTube videos then share instantly.

All friction is eliminated by removing the need for a dashboard. Convert leads on the VidFox homepage and choose a couple of preferrence.

VidFox links capture leads and generate analytics out of the box. No complicated setup required.

  • VidFox Landing Page

Generating trackable video links and html embed codes is easy. Spend your time testing your videos and qualifying leads.

Scalable For Sales & Marketing Teams.

Invite team members from both sales enablement and marketing.

All video engagement data and leads are aggregated across all shared videos.

  • Email
  • Lead Dashboard
  • Slack
  • Google Analytics

Reports with leads generated and lead ranking can be sent to marketing and sales.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with VidFox

Convert Vimeo Or YouTube Link

No need to set up an account, just get started.

Share Via Social, Email Or Website

Share videos using social links, email templates and embed codes.

Capture Leads & Evaluate Engagement

Get leads and video engagement analytics via email, Slack or Google Analytics.