Get Rid Of That Lone Wolf Mentality

A lone wolf is someone on your revenue team that is experienced, knowledgable, and effective, but that does not operate with the rest of the team. It is someone who gets things done any means possible but takes all of the credit for his or her deliverables. You might think, well this is great. Someone who already knows how to do their job and meets all of their deliverables! Although in the short term Lone Wolves are important contributors to your company's growth they will slowly erode the team's culture by not sharing in success, not giving credit where credit is due, not improving the team and not championing the internal processes that are at the core of growing your business for the long term. As painful as it is, you need to avoid hiring lone wolves and remove them from your culture as soon as they have been identified. This does not mean that Lone Wolves can not integrate into the team and help build a strong base for your sales, marketing and growth team. Quite the opposite, if they acknowledge the value of the team and become a champion of the culture and processes they can very well become a key leader and motivator for other team members. Many Lone Wolves become independent because of their experience and their disinterest in changing the way they do things. If they are too stuck in their ways then the likelihood of them integrating into your culture is low. This can be seen in just about any part of the revenue team from sales to growth marketing. Nobody is an island and a growing organization needs teams to work together in order to adapt quickly.