Get More Growth From Your Social Videos

Generate leads, Slack notifications, and Google video analytics from YouTube & Vimeo videos

Free Leads And Analytics For Vimeo & YouTube

By painlessly converting YouTube & Vimeo links into trackable urls & website snippets for emails and websites.

Test your story, improve your videos and generate leads.

Other tools cost hundreds of dollars, take forever to set up and add another dashboard to your day.

VidFox creates trackable Vimeo & YouTube videos instantly and will always be free.

Generate leads

VidFox videos have built in forms that pop up once your leads are engaged.

Sales development teams can identify engaged leads using a call to action in their email cadence and marketing can capture leads on landing pages.

Connect to Google Analytics

It works with Google Analytics out of the box by adding your Universal Analytics ID.

Track more video events with video views, starts, stops, % viewed, drop off times, etc.

VidFox Google Analytics

Video Heatmaps

Know exactly where viewers are dropping off from your video.

Evaluate your videos based on true engagement not just views.

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